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Physical Abuse

The batterer uses a show of physical strength to cower and intimidate his partner:
  • Throwing household items at partner.
  • Grabbing, pushing, shaking or shoving partner
  • Pulling or twisting partner’s hair
  • Bending and/or twisting fingers, wrist, arms, etc.
  • Jerking, slapping, biting or pinching
  • Bruising
  • Hitting, punching, kicking
  • Targeted hitting to specific parts of body (neck, breasts, stomach, etc.)
  • Use of household objects as weapons
  • Throwing partner around, to the floor, against walls or furniture
  • Restraining partner against will
  • Restraining while hitting or punching
  • Physical abuse during pregnancy
  • Deprivation (Denial of sleep, food, medical needs, etc.)
  • Attempted strangulation, grabbing partner around the neck, applying pressure to partner’s neck
  • Lacerations, cutting, stabbing
  • Imprisonment of partner in home, bedroom, basement, etc.
  • Causing broken bones, internal injuries
  • Threats or use of weapons such as guns or knives
  • Causing disabling, disfiguring or permanent injury
  • Murder
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