Two-Lifestyles, Inc.

Sexual Abuse

Physical attacks by the abuser is often accompanied by, or culminates in, sexual violence wherein the woman is forced to have sexual intercourse with her abuser under stressful conditions; she may be the subject of sexual taunts or be forced to take part in unwanted sexual activity.
Examples of these tactics are:
  • Sexual jokes at partner’s expense
  • Demeaning remarks toward partner’s sex 
  • Name calling, demeaning sexual labels 
  • Criticizing, demeaning, questioning partner’s sexuality 
  • Ignoring partner’s sexual needs and desires 
  • Demanding monogamy from partner while insisting on freedom for self 
  • Jealousy, accusing partner of seeking sexual relationships with others 
  • Accusing partner of having sexual affairs 
  • Accusing partner of sexual affairs with close family or friends 
  • Forcing partner to perform what she considers to be humiliating sexual acts 
  • Unwanted, forced touching 
  • Labeling sexual abuse as consensual behavior 
  • Forcing partner to view or engage in pornography 
  • Use of threats to demand and receive sex 
  • Forced sexual acts 
  • Coercion/ demanding sex immediately following pregnancy, childbirth, surgery even 
  • if medically inadvisable 
  • Rape, forced sex, sexual relations against partner’s will
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