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DCFS Drug Testing

Department of Children and Family Services Drug Testing is here to help you prove your sobriety by collecting a urine sample.
We have a safe and confidential testing site that offer you so much more than just your innocence.

If you need information on how to stay sober we can offer you that information as well.

Random Program: Clients enrolled in the random program will be called to test a minimum of four (4) times per month based on the first letter in their last name. (Example:  La Toyia Hampton is the letter H) 

Weekly Program: Please call (1-800) 829-0100 daily at 8PM to check for the letter to be called. 

On-Demand: Unless specifically Court ordered, clients shall not be referred for on-demand testing more than four times in a one-month period. Unless specifically Court ordered, clients shall not be referred for testing on a specialized schedule more than twice in a one-month period.  An example of a specialized schedule is a client who has been referred for testing every Monday.

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