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Financial Abuse​

The batterer tries to control the victim through deprivation of all of her financial resources. The goal is to make the victim totally dependent on the batterer for her economic and financial well-being.
Tactics include the following:
  • Controlling all of the family’s finances, including all of partner’s earnings
  • Making or controlling all economic decisions
  • Refusing to provide sufficient funds for basic economic needs such as gas, food, personal needs
  • Deciding what partner’s personal needs are – and how much money she can spend for 
  • these needs
  • Controlling access to all banking instruments – checkbooks, savings passbooks, money 
  • market accounts, etc.
  • Requiring partner to request funds for every purchase and account for every expenditure
  • Requiring partner to hand over her entire paycheck and making all decisions about how it 
  • will be used
  • Denying partner the opportunity to take a job or seek a promotion
  • Disrupting partner’s workplace and/or work schedules
  • Getting partner fired and blaming her for the result
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